LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A dog that was left starving outside the Kentucky Humane Society is making progress and has taken his first steps for the staff at the shelter.

Ethan was released from the hospital Wednesday and is now in stable condition at the Louisville shelter.

KHS posted a video update Thursday evening of Ethan taking some wobbly steps as he learns to use his legs again, the shelter calling it "huge progress."

Staff at the Kentucky Humane Society found the dog, believed to be around 3 years old, in the parking lot around noon Friday. The dog was so malnourished and neglected that staff members were shocked he was still alive.

The dog, who staff members named Ethan, could not lift his head and weighed only 38 pounds. The Kentucky Humane Society says dogs of the same age and breed should weigh about 80 pounds.

Andrea Blair, a spokesperson with the Kentucky Humane Society, said Wednesday that Ethan will still need constant care from their veterinary team. 

"We feel he is out of the woods when it comes to refeeding syndrome and our staff can take care of him from this point forward," she said.

Kentucky Humane Society officials said although Ethan has a "long road ahead of him," they are optimistic that he will fully recover. The staff at the shelter have set up a nursery for Ethan, where he will receive full care, including feedings every two hours and IV fluids. 

A social media post on Thursday morning showed Ethan surrounded by toys and blankets at the KHS shelter, which says he is eating and drinking on his own. But he is still very week. 

Since Friday, the Humane Society's social media posts about Ethan have been shared thousands of times. More than 100 people have asked to adopt him, but Humane Society officials said that can’t happen any time soon. 

There are still no answers as to how Ethan got into this situation — or who is responsible. Anyone with information that could help with the investigation is asked to contact Louisville Metro Animal Services at 502-473-PETS (7387).

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