LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said they seized a shipment from overseas to Louisville late last month that contained more than 300 counterfeit items.

"That was coming out of China," said Thomas Mahn, Louisville Port Director. "It was in an express consignment package over at UPS."

According to federal officers, that shipment contained fake designer watches, sandals and scarves, and, "could have rivaled any person's clothing wish-list."

Officials say they seized the shipment on June 29, after discovering the  manifest was false. Inside the shipment, they found counterfeit merchandise made to resemble:

  • 16 Gucci belts
  • 4 Rolex watches
  • 4 Cartier watches
  • 2 Panerai Luminor watches
  • 5 pairs of Tory Burch sandals
  • 8 Louis Vuitton belts
  • 19 Louis Vuitton bracelets
  • 48 pairs of Chanel earrings
  • 6 pairs of Gucci sandals
  • 73 Louis Vuitton Leather bracelets
  • 33 Gucci bracelets
  • 31 Louis Vuitton necklaces
  • 20 Chanel scarves
  • 20 Louis Vuitton scarves
  • 10 Gucci scarves
  • 1 pair of Fendi shoes

Authorities say if the counterfeit items were real, the value would be $371,365.

"Our officers are vigilant and conduct these seizures to protect the American economy," Mahn said. "This seizure demonstrates that no matter what trick criminals use, our officers will always find it and put a stop to this illegal activity."

Mahn said the proceeds from counterfeit items are often used to fund drug trafficking and terrorist organizations. Mahn said there's also a potentially dangerous lack of quality control.

"It's definitely dangerous," he said. "A lot of the counterfeit clothing that we intercept, if it gets near a flame, it just -- poof, goes right up. So, Imagine your kid walking around with a counterfeit North Face jacket. Looks pretty cool until he catches on fire."

Mahn said once the case has been prosecuted, the counterfeit items will be destroyed.

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