LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The National Weather Service is surveying damage in Marion, Taylor, and Casey counties Thursday caused by strong storms Wednesday night. In a preliminary report, they found winds 85-90 mph caused by a macroburst.

The particular damage they found was caused by strong wind, not by a tornado. A macroburst is a strong burst of wind rushing down out of a thunderstorm. When that wind hits the ground, it has nowhere to go but out, just like what happens when you dump a bucket of water onto pavement.

That wind then fans out from the center of the macroburst, causing damage.

You may have heard our meteorologists use terms like "downburst," "downdraft" or "microburst." Those are all in this same category of strong wind rushing down out of a thunderstorm. This was called a "macroburst" because the wind field or damage was spread over a relatively large area.

Watch WDRB Meteorologist Hannah Strong demonstrate a macroburst in the video above.

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