We’ve all seen the abandoned cars along the side of the road. They are in alley ways, on side streets, and along major thoroughfares. These jalopies are usually eye sores, but they are also a hazard and a menace to our neighborhoods. Some estimates still suggest there are more than 4,000 abandoned cars scattered around the city. This abhorrent number of clunkers must be dealt with. City leaders need to agree to get rid of these heaps of metal. They must work with the vendors to expedite the sale of these rust buckets. Selling any vehicle will raise money for the city. It shouldn’t spend any more money on property to collect "hoopties." Instead, it should make money by selling the ones it has.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Any car that's left for any period of time... there's plenty of junk yards out there that'll take them."

"I was a victim of this. I had a vehicle in front of my house... they put a ticket on it, and within five minutes they had it on top of a flatbed trailer. This is definitely an unfair practice."

"If they hurry up and sell these vehicles instead of holding on to them for years... they would have money and be able to take care of the needs of the community. Just sell the vehicles."

"Quit being greedy... and sell them to the scrap yard." 

"Scrap yards can't accept a vehicle without a title."

"Sell them for scrap, and put the money in to help the people that's homeless."

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