LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- We're racing to the mid-point of the 2022 college football season, and nobody in the WDRB Sports Against the Spread competition has tapped out — yet.

John Lewis will take a shot at tapping out this weekend, putting all of his (imaginary and now meager) bankroll on Louisville, even with the questionable status of quarterback Malik Cunningham for Louisville's game Saturday at Virginia.

Griffin Gonzalez hit a $600 parlay the first week and has blown all but $50 of it over the last four weeks.

Tom Lane, Eric Crawford and I keep churning along, hoping that Griffin does not discover that three-team parlays are not a good betting strategy.

Keep your eyes on the selections from Mr. Crawford. He has nailed five of six picks the last two weekends. He's hot. (Jinx intended.)

Here we go for Week 6 — for entertainment purposes only, of course. Odds are courtesy of DraftKings.com, as of noon Thursday.

Griffin Gonzalez

  • Week 5 Bankroll: $1,200
    • Week 5 Results: Lost three-game parlay, taking Texas A&M in the money line as the Aggies lost at Mississippi State
  • Week 6 Bankroll: $1,050

Week 6 Picks: "The beautiful thing about the three-leg parlay is that it can lose five times in a row and pay out on the sixth," Gonzalez said.

$75 Three-leg parlay, payout $722.71

  • Western Kentucky (ML (+198)) at UTSA, Saturday, 6 p.m.
    • "I truly believe Western Kentucky is one of the best teams in the C-USA and I think they will prove that with a big win against UTSA this weekend."
  • Michigan at Indiana (Over 58.5 total points (-110)), Saturday, noon.
    • "I am taking the over because I think Michigan may score 58 points by themselves."
  • Washington (-13.5 (-115)) at Arizona State, Saturday, 4 p.m.
    • "(Quarterback) Michael Penix Jr. That's it. That's my reasoning."

Tom Lane

  • Week 5 Bankroll: $950
    • Week 5 Results: Won $50 taking Oregon giving points to Stanford; lost $50 taking Oklahoma giving points to TCU and lost $50 on the Under for Texas A&M-Mississippi State
  • Week 6 Bankroll: $900

Week 6 Picks: "I haven't been terrible thus far but haven't been very good either. So this week, I'm essentially just giving in (giving up) and taking a couple of early picks on games I really have no clue on from some wise-guy site online. You know, because they're always right."

Always, Mr. Lane. Wink, wink.

  • $50 on Rutgers (+3) vs Nebraska, Friday, 7 p.m..
  • $50 on Nevada (-3 1/2) vs Colorado State, Friday, 10:30 p.m.
  • $50 on Texas (-7) vs Oklahoma, Saturday, noon, in Dallas.

Eric Crawford

  • Week 5 Bankroll: $750
    • Week 5 Results: Won $50 taking UK and points against Ole Miss; Won $50 taking Ohio University and points against Kent State; Pushed taking Iowa State and points against Kansas
  • Week 6 Bankroll: $850

Week 6 Picks:

  • $75 on Rutgers (+3) vs. Nebraska, Friday, 7 p.m.
    • "The lift of a new or interim coach usually doesn't last long. Yes, Nebraska beat Indiana, but I don't value that too highly, and the Cornhuskers are now heading onto the road. I expect things to swing back to reality."
  • $75 on Tennessee (-3) at LSU, Saturday, noon.
    • "LSU simply isn't very good. And while I'd be hesitant to pick UT in Baton Rouge in a night game, this one is at noon, and the Vols smell opportunity after Kentucky's loss at Ole Miss last week. May not win big, but they'll win bigger than a field goal."
  • $100 on Army at Wake Forest to bury the OVER of 66 points, Saturday, 7:30 p.m.
    • "These teams combined for 126 points and more than 1,200 yards of offense last season, are good on offense again this year, no way they don't beat this number, right?"

Right. I guess.

Rick Bozich

  • Week 5 Bankroll: $850
    • Week 5 results: Lost $50 taking Minnesota giving points to Purdue; Lost $50 taking USC giving points to Arizona State; Won $50 on Kentucky taking points against Ole Miss
  • Week 6 Bankroll: $800

Week 6 Picks:

  • $50 on Michigan (-22 1/2) at Indiana, Saturday, noon.
    • "The Hoosiers have failed to cover for four consecutive games. The offensive line is a mess. Michigan has the third-best rushing attack in the Big Ten and the Hoosiers have the third-worst rushing defense."
  • $50 on Louisiana State (+3) vs Tennessee, Saturday, noon.
    • "Don't tell Eric, but the Sagarin predictor ratings suggest the wrong team is favored, preferring the Tigers by 2.39. The Vols have nice wins over Florida (overrated) and Pitt (which lost its QB in that game) but playing in Baton Rouge is a different beast, even at noon. This will be the first big home moment for Brian Kelly — and he's getting points."
  • $50 on Illinois (-3 1/2) vs. Iowa, Saturday, 7:30 p.m.
    • "The Illini are one bad series against Indiana away from being undefeated — and the Hoosiers are the only team to score more than 10 points against them. Iowa keeps trotting Spencer Petras out there at quarterback, expecting him to turn into Chuck Long."

John Lewis

  • Week 5 Bankroll: $500
    • Week 5 Results: Lost $50 on Florida State, giving points to Wake Forest; Lost $50 on Western Kentucky, giving points to Troy; Won $50 on the Indiana-Nebraska under
  • Week 6 Bankroll: $450

Week 6 Picks: Mr. Lewis is going for broke on Louisville trip to Virginia. Through five games, the Cards have gone loss, win, loss, win, loss.

  • Translation: He's putting all $450 on the Cards and giving the 3 points to Virginia Saturday at noon in Charlottesville.

He'll either soar toward the top of the leaderboard or exit stage right.

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