Despite a talented lineup, Duke has looked vulnerable without Zion Williamson. 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — When you lose an hour over the weekend, something has to go. In this case, it’s a more detailed introduction to my weekly AP Top 25 college basketball ballot, the next-to-last one of the season.

A quick summary: Until I'm sure Zion Williamson will return, I'm pumping the brakes on Duke.

Let’s do this:

1. Gonzaga (29-2) — Unbeaten since Dec. 15.

2. Virginia (28-2) — Do you like this team for the Final Four or is UMBC still on your mind? Be honest.

3. North Carolina (26-5) — Even skeptics (outside Kentucky) have fallen in love with the Tar Heels.

4. Kentucky (26-5) — I know Kentucky beat Carolina. I was there.

5. Texas Tech (26-5) — Picked seventh in the Big 12.

6. Duke (26-5) — Never mind the second Carolina loss, what about the close call against Wake? No Zion, no love.

7. Michigan State (25-6) — Mr. Sourpuss itching for a third crack at Indiana.

8. LSU (26-5) — Vacate this sentence.

9. Tennessee (27-4) — The Vols have looked vulnerable the last three weeks.

10. Florida State (25-6) — Leonard Hamilton got his start with Joe B. Hall.

11. Purdue (23-8) — All they had to do was beat Minnesota.

12. Michigan (26-5) — Don’t have an answer for Michigan State.

13. Houston (29-2) — Kelvin Sampson Redemption Tour still selling tickets.

14. Kansas State (24-7) — But Dean Wade is injured again.

15. Buffalo (28-3) — Are you willing to put a MAC team in your Sweet 16?

16. Nevada (28-3) — I’m not convinced.

17. Wisconsin (22-9) — A cut below the top 3 in the Big Ten.

18. Kansas (23-8) — When was the last time the Jayhawks were 70-to-1 to win the national title?

19. Wofford (28-4) — The Terriers will definitely be a bid thief if they don’t win their conference tournament title Monday night.

20. Virginia Tech (23-7) — Seeing a ton of support for Buzz Williams as ACC coach of the year. I went with Tony Bennett.

21. Villanova (22-9) — Best of a blah Big East.

22. Maryland (22-9) — The talent is better than the record.

23. Marquette (23-8) — Computer rankings questioned this team before its three game losing streak.

24. Auburn (22-9) — Longshot Final Four pick?

25. VCU (25-6) — Say hello to the A10 regular-season champs.