LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's a growing movement around sports, particularly in soccer around the world but get ready for it in other sports as they fire up.

Athletes are taking a knee during national anthems to voice their displeasure with racial inequality, and to voice solidarity with those protesting for various racial causes around the globe.

During the national anthem for Louisville City Football Club's stadium opener against Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC, chants of protesters just outside the stadium could be heard before and during the anthem, and during a moment of silence for equality afterward.

All of Louisville City's players, and those from Pittsburgh, took a knee for Sunday's anthem, as did the game officials. They weren't alone. Some fans on the concourses did the same.

Players from both teams wore warm-up shirts bearing the words "Black Lives Matter" and wore "BLM" armbands during the game.

"Collectively we talked about it a lot and made the decision," LouCity coach John Hackworth said. "This was a moment in time in our culture and society and we needed to recognize that. You’ve seen other teams do that all around the world and we made the choice to do that. Obviously, all of us made that choice."

Brian Ownby said standing with others who are making a statement was a big part of the team's decision.

"There is a lot of stuff going on in the world, and we wanted to be unified with teams all across not just the U.S. but Europe," Ownby said. "So we wanted to be unified with the rest of the sports world. I think we saw that out there today and Pittsburgh as well.”

Black Lives Matter themes were also prominent in the stands, with LouCity supporters holding up BLM scarves as they sang "My Old Kentucky Home" in the second half.

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