LOUISIVLLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A television station out of Youngstown, Ohio, is reporting that officials from the U.S. Marshals office and the Drug Enforcement Agency searched a family home of former University of Kentucky football All-American Lynn Bowden on Wednesday morning, seizing a number of loaded assault rifles and handguns, but making no arrests.

TV Station WKBN reported that Bowden was present at the house and handcuffed on the front porch of the residence while officers searched the house. A source told the station that DEA agents had made drug buys at the house, but not from Bowden. No arrests had been made at the time of the report.

Kyle Tucker of The Athletic Tweeted after the search that, contrary to the WKBN report, the house is where Bowden grew up, but is not his current residence, nor owned by him.

WKBN posted in an update shortly before noon that the station, "was told Bowden lived in the Youngstown home with other relatives."

Prior to that, Bowden's mother, Melissa Phillips, had taken to Twitter to say, "Please stop my son is not arrested that’s not his home it’s our grandmas house and she’s never been in trouble in her entire life so the information is very inaccurate."

Wednesday afternoon, Element Sports, the agency which represents Bowden, released a statement saying: "This morning, a house belonging to a family member of our client, Lynn Bowden Jr., was searched by the DEA in Youngstown, Ohio. Lynn and his young son were guests at the home. During the process, authorities handcuffed all who were present to secure the area. Lynn fully cooperated with law enforcement during the search. At the conclusion of the search, Lynn was released, not arrested, and not charged with any crime. In fact, no arrests were made."

Bowden was the 80th overall pick in last month's NFL Draft, for the Las Vegas Raiders.

He earned All-American honors last season at Kentucky when he stepped into the quarterback's role after playing his first two seasons as a wide receiver. Bowden led the SEC in rushing with 1,468 yards.

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