Crime Scene Kitchen KK

NEW ALBANY, In (WDRB) -- A new FOX cooking competition show combines detective work and baking skill.

Keith Kaiser created his own Crime Scene Kitchen scenarios with the help of MESA Collaborative Kitchen and a local baker.

On the show, competitors know a dessert was made and removed from the scene.

Leftover ingredients, dirty dishes and other clues give it away.

They have to decipher the clues and recreate the correct dessert.

Keith challenged Lillie Weber of Hoosier Girl? Pie to present random ingredients and he attempted to make a dessert.

Not being a baker or good in the kitchen, did he figure it out?

Plus, the script was flipped and Lillie had to create a dessert from a box of evidence.

Hoosier Girl? Pie began selling in May of 2020.

The adventure began by making and selling pies at the New Albany Farmers Market during a pandemic.

Now the menu has grown to many kinds of tasty pies.

Hoosier Girl? Pie is available for pick-ups Wednesdays and Thursday between 10am and 2pm at MESA Collaborative Kitchen and Saturday at the New Albany Farmers Market between 10am and 12pm.

Click here to get connected to Hoosier Girl? Pie.

Tune into Crime Scene Kitchen, Wednesday Nights at 9:00 on WDRB.

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