LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Vivify Wellness Club offers transformational tools to everyone from pro athletes to beginners.

WDRB's Keith Kaiser tried out Louisville's state-of-the-art wellness facility opening August 24th.

High-performing athletes and celebrities were the only ones who had access to these biohacking processes, but not anymore.

Louisville’s newest health and wellness center has multiple services both on location and options for home.

The trainers at Vivify help you with wellness goals so you can relax, recover and be renewed.

The tools can help alleviate pain, improve athletic performance, help you shed extra pounds and create mental clarity.

Tools will include:

IV Infusion - hydration, nutrients, energy

Cryotherapy - reduce pain, treat mood disorders, and more

Float Tank - water therapy, stress reduction 

Tru-Cryo - skin health, and cryoslimming

Styku - body scanning and planning

Infrared Sauna – weight loss and health

PEMF or Pulse Wave Therapy – pain Relief, oxygenation 

Compression Therapy – promote healing & recovery

Brain Tap – depression, anxiety relief 

Red Light Therapy – increase blood circulation, relieve swelling

Official ribbon cutting in Middletown is Tuesday, August 24th at 10am.

Vivify Wellness Club is the official Athletic & Performance Advancement partner to Louisville FC and Racing Louisville. 

Click here to get connected to Vivify Wellness Club.

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