LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Getting dad into the cigar hobby might be a perfect Father's Day gift.

WDRB's Keith Kaiser gets a cigar education at LEAF and CEDAR.

Rick Miller, former television news photographer turned cigar shop owner, established LEAF and Cedar in 2016. 

When you visit the location on Smyrna Parkway, you quickly feel the passion for the cigar hobby and learn a few things.

You discover the different sizes of cigars and how the flavor differs just because of size.

Originally cigars were very oily, different than today's cigars because of fermentation.

Catherine the Great, smoked cigars that stained her fingers.

She ordered silk bands to be placed on the cigars to reduce the mess.

The blenders later used paper so they could put their names on the band.

18th century aristocrats in England who wore tailored suits, top hats and white gloves liked the idea also.

They hated stains on their gloves.

Gustave Boch, a Cuban manufacturer, was having his cigars counterfeited, so he made labels with his signature on them.

Christopher Columbus discovered the Mayans smoking tobacco in wrapped leaves called Sicars in their language.

Some smoked them through their nostrils.

He took some tobacco home, soon they started using a wrapper instead of the leaves.

Cigars quickly caught on in Spain and Portugal.

Of course, there is more to learn from cutting, lighting, humidors and more.

To celebrate Father's Day weekend, cigar enthusiasts will be on on hand to answer cigar questions on Friday, June 17th starting at Noon.

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