Are you seeing an infestation of lady bugs around your home?? We have received a few comments and questions about lady bugs showing up in people's homes, yards, window sills and really all over the place! Since we have gotten some questions regarding these red little bugs, I decided to answer them in today's blog including why this is happening, does it mean anything for the winter season and making sure it is indeed a ladybug. 

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The good news is that it doesn't mean anything about the intensity of the approaching winter season...but they ARE a sign that #winteriscoming! The ladybugs enjoy sunny days outside -- especially on warm afternoons. That might be why you have seen more lately. Up until yesterday, we had a nice stretch of chilly mornings and mild afternoons.

As it gets progressively colder at night, ladybugs are looking for warmth and will crawl through any gaps they can find and clump together to stay warm. That's when they end up in your home, on the side of your house, deck and window sills -- especially on the sunny side of your house. The other good news? While they might be annoying; they mean no harm. 

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Are you sure it is a ladybug?

You might be seeing Asian Lady Beetles rather than ladybugs. They look very similar. According to Randy Bright with Bright Pest control, Asian Lady Beetles have been known to bite, can be aggressive if bothered and are considered more of a pest. You can tell them apart though. Bright said the Asian Lady Beetle typically has 7 dots. The Ladybug usually has a shiny black space between its head and body with white circles while the beetle has a white "W" there, but this is not always the case. 

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Were the freezing temperatures this morning enough to kill them? 

Probably not. Like many other insects, ladybugs are looking for warmth and shelter and will go anywhere in order to survive the winter especially hiding under rocks or logs. Bright also said they hibernate in groups through the winter to stay warm. Seal up your home to keep them out and you can vacuum the bugs up to get rid of them.