Terror of Demons Academy

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new sign popped up recently outside Guardian Angels Catholic Church off Preston Highway in south Louisville, and its meaning isn't exactly what it may appear.

The "Terror of Demons Academy" at Guardian Angels is a meeting place for home-schooled kids, according to the parish. The kids meet there periodically as a part of group activities.

The name is a reference to a nickname of St. Joseph. According to catholic.org, because of his strength and his faith, Joseph was able to withstand the temptation of Satan and stay close to Jesus. There are numerous prayers involving St. Joseph, aimed at fending off evil. 

Therefore, Joseph is the "terror of demons."

Here's another explanation, according to thedivinemercy.org:

When you find yourself feeling overcome by the trials of life, turn to St. Joseph. He was a man who, in his earthly life, never succumbed to "vain terrors." He remained ever grounded in faith, ever attuned to the will of God in his life. From Heaven, he stands as a go-to saint to help you when forces beyond your control - including demonic forces - seek to unsettle you and pull you toward despair and ruin.

At the end of our lives, many people are susceptible to despair. Saint Joseph, Terror of Demons, will squash such despair and all things that stand in opposition to the hope found in the Risen Christ.

The building was previously home to Immaculata Classical Academy, but that school has since moved.

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