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Nancy Givens, left, with Justin Campbell.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Nancy Givens, an assistant principal at New Albany High School, died Sunday after a roughly four-week hospitalization with COVID-19, a friend and former coworker said Monday.

New Albany Floyd County Schools confirmed the death of Givens, assistant principal for students with last names starting with letters A-F, in a message Monday to WDRB News, but declined to share the cause of death.

Justin Campbell, who worked under Givens as a school counselor, said she had recently shown progress in a bout with cancer before she was hospitalized with COVID-19.

“She was about to start her fourth round of treatment when she actually caught COVID,” he said. “… She’d actually been vaccinated, but again with her immune system down and those preexisting conditions, it was kind of tough for her to fight back.”

Campbell’s Facebook post honoring Givens drew more than 100 comments, several of them from former students or their family members. Many remembered her for her kindness and support, and one woman, for example, credited Givens with preventing her from dropping out of high school.

Campbell – owner of Men/Women In God’s Hands Transformed, therapist, public speaker and author of two books – experienced her support firsthand as he released his first book and filled his public speaking schedule.

Although unsure at first how Givens could help him branch out in his nascent business, Campbell says his skepticism quickly vanished as she essentially became his administrative manager.

“She actually started helping me with my books, started like literally setting up gigs for me and things, putting stuff on my social media pages, things like that,” he said.

Their friendship blossomed from there, and Givens and members of her family later joined his church, Canaan Christian Church, he said. She eventually became an usher in the church, he said.

“Always had a smile,” Campbell said of Givens. “Always wanting to help somebody. Always willing to go the extra mile.”

Campbell said he would remember his late friend most for her love of people and belief that anyone could succeed in life.

“Even if their situation was bad, they could make it through it or they could turn around and they can be successful or they can go be whatever they want to be regardless of the environment or the odds that might be stacked up against them,” he said.

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