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Tashunka Campbell, left, sits with attorney John Olash during a July 1, 2019, hearing in Jefferson Circuit Court.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A teen who was caught with a loaded gun near Valley High School last year pleaded guilty Tuesday to multiple charges and could spend up to six years in prison. 

Tashunka Campbell, 18, pleaded guilty to terroristic threatening, two counts of wanton endangerment and menacing nearly a year after a school resource officer stopped him across from the school while he was carrying a loaded revolver and 50 rounds of ammunition. 

As part of the plea agreement, Campbell agreed to a six-year prison sentence, but prosecutors did not object to probation, meaning Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Angela Bisig could choose to release Campbell under certain conditions when he is formally sentenced March 3.

If Campbell avoids prison and is given probation, he could eventually have the conviction set aside and expunged, or erased from his record, according to his attorney, John Olash. 

"He accepted responsibility and is looking forward to a fresh start," Olash said in an interview Wednesday.   

Olash said Campbell is a good candidate for probation as he has no other criminal convictions, strong family support and a job lined up when he is released from jail. 

"He is focused on bettering his life," Olash said. Olash has previously said  there is no evidence Campbell was taking the gun to school that day. 

The prosecutor in the case referred comment to Jeff Cooke, a spokesman for the Jefferson Commonwealth Attorney's office. Cooke said Campbell will have to stay out of trouble for five years while on probation in order to get the case expunged.

"He's gonna have to earn it," Cooke said. 

Campbell pleaded guilty to firing an AK-47 into the air in a residential area  and banging doors and windows of a home on April 11 as well as making a threat at his school the next day, according to court records. 

Campbell is still in Metro Corrections on a $200,000 cash bond, according to court records. He also has two other pending criminal cases. 

He faces a separate charge of carrying a concealed firearm in a case in district court. And he is also under indictment in Bullitt County for making a fraudulent firearm transaction.

In the days before Valley's then-school resource officer found Campbell armed near the school on April 16, a teacher allegedly saw him watching a "machine gun video" on his cell phone.

Police say when she told him that was inappropriate, Campbell told the teacher that she should be worried more about the gun he had in his backpack. No firearm was found that day.

When LMPD Officer Tony Sacra, Valley's former School Resource Officer, saw him across from the school days after he had been suspended, Campbell said he had just left a store and was going to a gun range.

Sacra testified in court that the gun range Campbell was talking about was closed that day. The gun range was more than 8 miles away from where Campbell was at the time.

Another student came up to the scene and told police that Campbell was coming to the school to meet him.

Police recovered an AK-47 rifle and two fully loaded magazines from his home, according to Sacra's testimony in a court hearing last year. 

Sacra also said someone had tried to pry open a side door and left a "ballistic" vest wedged in, according to court testimony.

After finding the vest, Sacra said police reviewed surveillance video showing someone on April 13 at the school setting a gun down on the ground, trying to pry a door open and leaving the vest.

A separate surveillance video shows two people walking away from the school, Sacra testified. Neither was positively identified.

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