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A student in a southern Indiana school district is now in custody after authorities say he made a threat on Snapchat.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A student in a southern Indiana school district is now in custody after authorities say he made a threat on Snapchat.

The news came in a statement made Tuesday night by Scott County School District 1. 

According to the statement, the school district says Austin High School learned of a threat made by a male student. As a result of that threat, the Austin Police Department was contacted. According to the district, the police were quickly able to find the student, who was then taken into custody.

Scott County Prosecutor Chris Owens said the student is a juvenile, so his identity will not be released. Owens also said he is currently being held at a facility for juveniles. Owens says the teen is 16.

Kenneth Kidd, the Acting Superintendent says, "The threat was discovered by, the first I was aware, was from our technology director, someone evidently forwarded it to him."

According to Austin High School Principal Ryan Herald, the threat was made on the social media app Snapchat. 

Kidd says school attendance has been normal Wednesday. The district is not releasing the image of the posted threat.

Kidd says, "It was just basically a picture of what appeared to be a gun and something along the lines and I can't quote it exactly, but don't come to school tomorrow."

An added police presence is expected to be on-hand at the school on Wednesday, "and in the coming days," according to school district officials.

"We take the safety of our students very seriously in Scott County," Owens said, in a statement. "Our community is a close one and the students who go to school here are our friends, relatives, and our future leaders. We want to make sure that each student attending school in Scott County feels safe to be there on a daily basis. I was fortunate enough to have attended school right here in this county and I am proud to say that I never once felt like I was not safe at school. Our students today deserve that same feeling. I have a background as an educator and I come from a family full of educators so I know that for the proper learning to take place, the students must feel safe. Our office is dedicated to doing whatever we can to make sure that happens."

He also reminded the public that the juvenile is innocent until proven guilty.

Kidd says, "Well, he's suspended pending an investigation, so we have to investigate that and determine that at a later date."

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