Good times for Frazier Museum

LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- The Princess Diana exhibit at the Frazier Museum has closed, but not before setting a record.  The popular exhibit showcased her royal wedding gown, designer dresses, and other personal mementos.

During its four-month run in Louisville, more than 64,000 visitors came to see the display.  "This is definitely the biggest exhibition that the Frazier Museum has ever had," says Director of Public Relations and Marketing Krista Snider.  She adds that during the Diana exhibition more than 1,500 people became museum members.

When the museum first opened in 2004 as just an arms museum, it struggled to get people inside; but after becoming a more comprehensive history museum, people began coming to the museum in greater numbers.

Snider says the big turnaround came in 2009, when the museum produced an exhibit on West Louisville's old amusement park, Fountaine Ferry Park.  "That was a big benchmark for us," she says, "and we have continued to actually beat that every year in terms of getting people in the doors."

So the museum is looking optimistically toward the future.  It now owns three other buildings in the 800 block of West Main, just recently purchasing the building located at 821 West Main.

"The museum does plan to expand to the building immediately adjacent to us but we don't yet have a specific timeline on that," says Snider.

The museum's founder, the late Owsley Brown Frazier, apparently left it in good financial shape.

"Mister Frazier absolutely accounted for the museum in his estate," says Snider. "Some of those details still have to be worked out, but we are very confident for us being here for the long term, thanks to the legacy he has left us."

In the short term the next exhibition which opens here will come on February second when "The Spirits of Passage" will mark the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation."

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