Snow globe containing methamphetamine confiscated by Australian Border Force

Image courtesy: Australian Border Force

(FOX NEWS) -- Authorities in Australia say they've confiscated snow globes that contained more than $1 million worth of crystal meth.

According to a report on News, the globes were being transported into the country from Canada.

The 15 snow globes were targeted for inspection in Sydney, where Australian Border Force (ABF) officers x-rayed and examined the package. It was then that they determined that the liquid inside the traditional holiday decoration tested positive for methamphetamine.

In a news release, the ABF described the globes as "sinister souvenirs" that were wrapped in bubble-wrap and placed in a box. The snow globes shown by officials appeared to showcase animals -- including a llama next to a cactus, and a sloth hanging from a tree.

Investigators said the technology used to find the crystal meth allows officers to "see further into every package than ever before."

"Our officers continue to prove, time and time again, that criminals who attempt to hide these substances in new and imaginative ways are wasting their time," said Danielle Yannopoulos, a regional ABF commander in New South Wales, said in a statement. "It doesn't matter how clever you think your concealment is -- we can find it."

The agency didn't announce any arrests connected to the snow globes.

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