LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Bullitt County jailer said officers will no longer use the electric gloves that were the focus of a WDRB Investigates story last month

Jailer Bryan Whittaker said the "taser gloves" aren't being used while the jail conducts a review of all policies.

Made by a Lexington, Kentucky, company called Compliant Technologies, the gloves are marketed to law enforcement agencies as a "non-lethal alternative" method of bringing unruly subjects under control.

The move comes after a Sept. 4 incident in which inmate Joshua Elswick was shocked by the low-voltage gloves while handcuffed and shackled inside the jail. 

Surveillance video shows him pleading with the jail guards.

"Please stop tasing me!" he said.

"If you quit resisting, we can do what we need to do," Lt. Ryan Derrough told Elswick while touching him with the gloves.

Bullitt County Jail investigators concluded that Derrough went too far.

Elswick didn't seem disorderly, and Derrough used excessive force while the inmate was handcuffed and shackled, according to a review of the incident.

The gloves delivered "multiple shocks to inmate's arms ... inmate Elswick attempted to pull away... Lt. Derrough continued to grab the inmate and pull him toward the door," according to the jail's investigation.

Elswick, who had been arrested on charges including assault and resisting arrest, was placed in a wrap restraint system despite not being combative at the time, according to the investigation.

Derrough also did not disclose his use of the electrified gloves in his incident report, which was a violation of policy, according to the investigation. Neither Elswick nor Derrough could be reached for comment.

WDRB featured the case in a WDRB Investigates report. To view the report, click here.

Whittaker said although the jail has discontinued the use of the gloves during the review, the jail will continue to use tasers.

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