RAW VIDEO | Louisville man jailed after removing pants in Jefferson District Court

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man was held in contempt of court and sentenced to seven days in jail Wednesday morning, after he took his pants off in court.

Austin Boone, age 20, appeared in Jefferson District Courtroom 203, to answer for charges of speeding 22 miles over the prescribed limit and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

The entire incident was captured on courtroom video.

In the video, when Jefferson District Judge Stephanie Pearce Burke asked him how he wanted to plead, he indicated that he wanted to plead whatever his defense attorney told him.

"I forgot whether she told me to say guilty or not guilty," Boone said.

"Well, if you plead guilty, then I can give you the plea agreement that you made," Burke said.

"Yeah, whatever the agreement was," Boone said.

Burke informed him that the agreement was to plead guilty, and in exchange, he would receive a $44 fine for the speeding charge, plus a $100 fine for the drug charge. He could also attend traffic school and he would not receive six points against his license. Counting court costs, he would have to pay a total of $178.

Boone was about to leave, when the judge gave him an order, telling him to pull up his pants.

"Your pants need to be up when you're in a courtroom," Burke said.

"They are up!" Boone replied.

"They're not," Burke replied.

Boone started to walk away.

"Sir, up!" Judge Burke demanded.

"They're up!" Boone said. "What?"

"He's got a belt on judge, and they're hanging around his..." the bailiff said.

"They're up!" Boone replied. "I don't understand what the problem is!"

"That’s inappropriate," the judge said. "They need to be around your waist, not below your bottom. Not below your bottom!"

"All you all see is my basketball shorts!" Boone said. "It’s not even my boxers."

"Do you understand that you’re in a court?" the judge asked.

"Yes ma'am," Boone said.

"Okay," Judge Burke said. "You do what the judge says, and that is, pull your pants up around your waist!"

"What do you want me to do [INDECIPHERABLE] around my waist?" Boone asked.

"Pull your pants up!" Judge Burke said. "If you have to tighten your belt, you're going to be an adult when you come to court, do you understand?"

"Yes, but right now I'm trying to leave court," Boone said.

"You're going to stay a lot longer than you'd like if you don't pull your pants up," Burke replied.

"Ma'am, they are up," Boone said. "What do you want from me?"

"Have a seat," Judge Burke said, motioning toward the jury box.

"Why?" Boone replied.

"Because I said so," Burke said.

Boone laughs, then is led offscreen and the video ends, before resuming several minutes later.

"Mr. Boone!" Judge Burke says, summoning him to appear before her.

Boone is led from the jury box back before the judge, only this time, video shows that he isn't wearing any pants, but is instead wearing only basketball shorts.

"Mr. Boone, you understand that when you're in a court of law, you're expected to act within a particular decorum of the court," Judge Burke said. "Do you understand that? When you are directed by a court to behave in a particular way, and you fail to do so, the court has the authority to hold you in contempt. I instructed you to pull your pants up -- to act like a grownup in this court."

"Can I say something?" Boone asked. "I'm not trying to interrupt you, but can I just say something?"

"Young man, you are interrupting," said one of the sheriff's deputies around Boone. "Let the judge finish."

"I instructed you to pull your pants up on a number of occasions and gave you the opportunity to do that," Judge Burke said. "Instead you wanted to argue about it and act a fool. When I put you in that box, that was to give you a few moments so that I could discuss that with you privately at the end of this docket."

"By removing your pants -- that was extremely poor judgment," Judge Burke continued. "I'm holding you in contempt. I'm gonna sentence you to seven days to serve for direct contempt of court."

"Are you serious?" Boone asked.

"I'm serious."


"Because you don't know how to act like a grownup," Judge Burke replied.

"They couldn't be high enough for you, so I took 'em off," Boone said. "I couldn't get 'em high enough for you."

At that point, deputies began to lead him away.

"But, what about my pants though?" Boone asked. "There's a Gucci belt on there!"

"I don't care what you got," a deputy said.

Judge Burke assured him he would receive all of his property later.

According to the Louisville Metro Corrections website, Boone was booked into jail just after 5 p.m. on charges of contempt of court, speeding and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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