LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's the biggest economic investment in Kentucky's history, but the Ford battery plants are expected to boost more than just business. The $6 billion investment is also a major win for local schools.

The new plants located in Glendale are expected to bring more students to Hardin County and could potentially help build new schools. Hardin County Schools expects Ford to bring new opportunities across the school district.

"Right now, we're focusing on, 'How do we make sure our students are ready to be able to go to work there?'" said district spokesperson John Wright.

The plants will create more benefits for students, like more career paths and job training skills.

"We're gonna tell Ford, 'Hey, look, they're gonna be ready for you. If they graduate on a Friday night, they're gonna be ready for you on Monday morning,'" said Wright.

The new plants could even lead to new schools.

"Will there be a need for new facilities? I think we'll certainly have to look at revamping our district's facilities plan," he said.

While the plants will bring 5,000 new jobs, many more are expected through other developments -- bringing new people and homes to the area.

"My gut tells me that everything from Elizabethtown south is going to explode, and that's where we've had some enrollment issues," said Wright.

Creekside Elementary in Sonora has low enrollment and there are some empty classrooms in Cecilia Valley. But that's expected to change.

"We would think that those classrooms would fill up and we would have some full schools there, and again, who knows, the possibility of even more," he said.

The new plants will contribute to lasting change in surrounding communities.

"To know that Hardin County will reap that growth, and not just Hardin County, but this region of Kentucky, is just fulfilling," Wright said.

Hardin County Schools believes other neighboring districts will also see similar benefits from Ford's impact.

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