Andrea Knabel docu-series Finding Andrea

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Andrea Knabel, a Louisville mother of two who's been missing for more than two years, is the feature case in a new docu-series.

Knabel was last seen in Louisville on Aug. 13, 2019.  She was a member of "Missing in America" and helped search for missing people, and that's why friends and family don't believe she walked off on her own.

Her father, Mike Knabel, and her other sister, Erin Knabel, have been working with friends and private investigators ever since Andrea went missing to find answers. Now, both will be in the four-episode docu-series "Finding Andrea" that will stream on Discovery+ starting Friday.

"This national exposure is irreplaceable," Mike Knabel said. "There's no way that we could reproduce that. And Andrea is the catalyst, and her story is what brought us here."

Mike and Erin Knabel will also talk about Andrea's case on Dr. Phil, which airs at 3 p.m. Friday on WDRB.

Mike Knabel said he is still hopeful his daughter is alive and that if that is the case, she's likely not in Louisville anymore.

"It's a long shot, but there is no sign of foul play or death with Andrea, none," he said. "And so we're still hopeful, and we just had the two year, two month anniversary, and our determination is still as strong as it was from day one."

Joe Fancuilli, a former law enforcement officer who is looking into what happened to Andrea, said it doesn't take much to help fill a hole.

"I have a lot of pieces of that puzzle that have been put together, but it's only going to take one or two other small pieces to fit that together," he said. "I believe there is a person — or persons — out there who have information, who knows something they might not even realize. They might see this docu-series and come forward."

Fancuilli said another part of the case that is difficult is to get an accurate picture of Andrea out.

"It's really difficult when you throw a picture up on a poster, but that's really not what she looks like," he said. "It's tough for people to visualize that person."

He said people can also leave anonymous tips at 855-746-0846. 

Erin Knabel also runs a Facebook page called Where is Andrea Knabel that has information and updates in the case.

The family started a GoFundMe page Wednesday for the first time, because, as Mike Knabel said, they're hoping there's more national tips and searches upcoming. The leftover funds will go toward any needs of Andrea's two sons.

The GoFundMe lists the following as specific needs:

"buy and laminate missing posters, signs, billboards, t-shirts, to fund searches, to help cover the cost of professionals' time, increase the reward, assist in Andrea and her 2 sons' recovery financially and physically, any remaining funds will be used to provide for Andrea's children and to provide for endangered women's causes."

Mike Knabel said there's been some heat on his family during all of this too, both online and in-person. He said his daughter, Erin, has been an inspiration of strength during the whole thing.

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