LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police Department officers overwhelmingly rejected a new contract with the city on Wednesday night. 

The president of the union for many LMPD officers, Ryan Nichols, says the proposed 9% pay hike in 2022 won't stop a wave of officers from quitting or retiring. 

"They flatly feel it will not do anything or what is required to increase that recruitment and retention effort," Nichols said. "Meaning we will still have a net loss of officers, meaning they will all be doing more work than they are already doing and they are overtaxed as it is, so that played a tremendous role in it."

New officers now make about $45,000. Under the new contract, by July 2023, officers' salaries would range from $51,000 to nearly $79,000 for an officer at the end of his or her career. 

Approximately 70% of the officers voted against the contract. 

Nichols says comments from Metro Council members that indicated they could get more money played a role in the "no" vote, as well as the distrust in the administration.

Nichols says the negotiating committee is now polling officers for more of their wants before heading back to the negotiating table. 

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