Savannah Spurlock surveillance images

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The best friend of missing Kentucky mother Savannah Spurlock told Fox News that 23-year-old Spurlock would have "jumped out of the car" if she knew the three men she was last seen with planned on driving her one hour south to rural Garrard County -- which is where police tell Fox News the young mother ended up the night she went missing.

Savannah Spurlock surveillance images

Images provided by the Richmond Police Department

"No matter how intoxicated she would have been, she would not have been willing to go with strangers to Garrard County," Sabrina Speratos, 21, told Fox News. "She would even have called her mom to come get her if she knew they were going to take her there – that's how close she was with her mother, with me. I mean if she didn't want to call her mom she would have called me."

Speratos says Spurlock was "constantly" with her children and only occasionally went out to bars. Speratos and Spurlock's mother, Ellen, told Fox News that she went out in Lexington on the night of Jan. 3 with a female friend. At some point, the two got into a minor argument and separated.

Surveillance video shows Spurlock leaving The Other Bar around 2:30 a.m. with three men. A short time later, Spurlock Face-Timed her mother to tell her she would be home in the morning – but something went wrong.

"She did not seem to be under any duress, she just she seemed happy," Ellen Spurlock said. "I went back to sleep thinking, 'you know, she's going to be home later this morning. She promised me.'"

Speratos told Fox News she thinks Spurlock felt comfortable enough to leave the bar with the men perhaps to have a nightcap or go to a nearby party. But, she added, she wouldn't have consented driving a long distance away from the home where she lives with her mother in Richmond.

"If she was in her right mind she would have been like, 'Hey while we're on this way to this Garrard County place, why don't we just turn this boat around and take me home?'" Speratos said.

Savannah Spurlock missing poster

Speratos says she thinks Spurlock and three men might have started off their time together that night with good intentions, but now she doesn't have a good feeling about her whereabouts and fears the worst -- that Spurlock might have been taken advantage of or drugged. She thinks the three men she was last seen with should tell police everything they know.

"Until they come forth and tell the full story and lay it out how it really happened that night, to me they are liars and to me they're inconsiderate," Speratos said.

Richmond police told Fox News they have identified and questioned the three men. So far, the three males have cooperated and have not been publicly named or listed as suspects. Police are not asking the public to be on the lookout for any other suspects.

Speratos told Fox News that two of the three men appear to be in their early 20's. She thinks the three are not close-knit friends, rather co-workers who decided to go out and pick up girls in Lexington on the night they met Spurlock.

Speratos, who is the godmother to Spurlock's children, said the two have been best friends for years. Speratos describes Spurlock as a considerate, tough young woman who chooses to keep her struggles to herself because she doesn’t want to be a burden to others, and instead is constantly checking in on other people.

"She's just that best friend that everybody needs. Not that you want, but you need," Speratos said. "Me personally, I come from a very rough background. Savannah and her family has always been there for me."

The story of the Spurlock's disappearance has garnered national media attention. Her face and name can be seen all over TV reports, online and social media. Many people are posting positive comments wishing and praying for the young mother’s safe return. Other social media users are criticizing the mother for going out to a bar.

"I think it's crazy that people have the audacity to go on there and bash her when, No. 1, you don't know what the girl was going through. No. 2, you don't personally know her and, No. 3, this very well could have been your family," Speratos said.

Social media users have developed all types of theories including that Spurlock was depressed, abusing drugs or frequently went out to bars, leaving her children at home.

"Savannah was never into drugs. Ever. And you know that's been a big question out there especially because of how bad the epidemic is, especially our county," Speratos said.

Ellen Spurlock, Speratos and Savannah's ex-boyfriend of three years, Shaquille Smith, all told Fox News that the mother of four only went out every few weeks or months since she had children and would stay in constant contact with her mother and friends. Ellen and Speratos said Spurlock was "paranoid" about her cell phone dying and would use someone else's phone charger if necessary.

Speratos said Spurlock may have made a mistake by leaving the bar with the men -- but should not be bashed for it.

"Maybe they had mentioned it from the beginning, 'Hey we're having a party, do you want to come over?'" Speratos said. "She may have had one too many drinks and was like 'OK, I'm not ready to go home yet,' which is why she made that FaceTime call to her mother saying, 'I know for certain I'm going to be home, I will be home.'"

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