HUMOR: It's so cold that...

JAN. 11, 2016 UPDATE: The following story was published on our site on Dec. 6, 2010 -- but it was so funny, we thought you'd enjoy revisiting it!

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- WDRB News Facebook fans are sounding off about the cold weather -- and some of their comments are leaving the newsroom in stitches.

On Monday morning, Facebook fans were asked to complete this sentence: "It's so cold that..."

Here are some of their responses. To add your own to the list, sign up to be a WDRB News Facebook fan!

The Fox 41 Newsroom Mole: "It's so cold that...the Newsroom Mole's shadow froze to the sidewalk and he had to melt it out with a hair dryer and an ice pick."

Tracey Staples Thompson: "It's so cold that...Starbucks is serving coffee on a stick!"

Estrella Eguino: "It's so cold that I'm going to pawn, and sell to second-hand buyers, everything I own to buy a one-way ticket on Spirit Airlines to the Bahamas and be homeless there!"

Kyndra Brown: "It's so cold your false teeth chatter, and they are still in the glass."

Leslie Sanders: "My skin is trying to climb into itself to warm up."

Rhonda: "It's so cold the lawyers have their hands in their OWN pockets!"

Darlene Jesse: "It's so cold that your tongue will stick to a metal pole if you try it."

Nelma Shipp: "It's so cold that there are icicles coming out of my faucet instead of water."

Donda Bagshaw Flores: It's so cold that "the Snow Fox turned in his resignation!"

Jeannie Hathorn Evans: "It's so cold that the snowman is begging to come in and get warm!"

Kim Rogers-Krahel: "It's so cold I thought I was still living in Ohio."

Dave Laetare: "It's so cold that I'm drinking hot sauce instead of coffee."

Talya Newton: "It's so cold my pee froze in mid-stream!"

William L. Woody: "It's colder than two ex-wives out there."

Brian Tichenor: "It's so cold that not even a politician dare to touch it..."

Bev Tucker Leonhardt: "It was so cold that my heating bill is FOUR TIMES what my mortgage payment is!"

Tim Kerger: "It's so cold that I'm forced to stay inside and watch Fox 41."

Chris Wilson: "It's so cold that Jack Frost wants to warm up."

Patricia Simpson: "It's so cold that my freezer thaws my finger!"

Tanya Nix: "It is so cold that when I walk out the door it's like automatic botox."

Nakisha Blain: "It's so cold I am flying south to bathe in the sun."

Chris Wilson: "It's colder than Bill O'Reilly's heart."

Taira Wallace: "It's so cold that even the polar bears have headed south."

Saundra Hedges York: "My little girl said this morning, 'It's to cold to think.' She wanted to stay home in bed and not go to school."

Johnna Nicholson: "It's so cold that work should be canceled."

Patricia Simpson: "It's so cold that people who sell ice are drawing unemployment."

Chris Wilson: "It's colder than Keith Olbermann's soul."

Danny Payton: "It is so cold outside that I had to climb into a chest freezer to warm up!"

Chris Wilson: "It's so cold you have to use icicles as firewood."

Sharon Renee: "It's so cold that flashers are carrying pictures."

April Meleski: "It's so cold that I actually feel like listening to Rush Limbaugh. That's how desperate I am for some hot air."

Daniel Jay Milchling: It's so cold that, "it will make you jingle your way back to bed and get under the covers."

Diane Clem: "It's so cold that Jack Frost is nipping at HIS nose."

Mindy Marie Kimmel: "It's so cold that I have icicles instead of fingertips."

Eaaron Blizz: "It's so cold that I caught my dog on the toilet instead of going outside."

Chris Wilson: "It's so cold that it makes hate turn into love."

April Meleski: "It's so cold that my car won't stop running and my nose won't STOP!"

Donda Bagshaw Flores: It's so cold that, "my Snuggie needsĀ a Snuggie!"

April Meleski: It's so cold that, "only people like 'Ed' and 'Bob' have enough time to write their names in the snow."

Betty Lewellen: It's so cold that, "it froze the rest of my brain!"

Jessica Dawley-Allgeier: "It's so cold I got a brain freeze!"

Rita R. Johnson: It's so cold that, "even my toes shiver!"

Suzan Wall: "It's so cold out that Richard Simmons started wearing pants."

Shannon Edens Humphries: "It's so cold we had to chisel the dog off a lamp-post."

Gerald Miller: "It's so cold outside that my long-johns are hiding."

Suzan Wall: "It's so cold out the hitchhikers are holding up signs with pictures of thumbs."

Chris Wilson: "It's so cold that your breath freezes instantly."

Roseanne J. Southard: "It's so cold, my cat's tongue stuck to my nose."

Suzan Wall: "It's so cold outside the chickens are begging KFC to fry them up."

April Meleski: "It's so cold that P. Diddy changed his name to Frozen P."

Sharon Prewitt: "It's so cold I'm blowing icicles out my nose."

Chris Wilson: "It's so cold Ice-T changed his name to Instant-T."

April Meleski: "It's so cold we had to switch the baby to 40-weight baby oil."

Chris Wilson: "It's so cold that the flurries are huddling up to stay warm."

Judy Robertson: It's so cold our dog paused at the door and went back under the blanket."

Joshall Baker Fites: "It's so cold that now we're worried about global freezing instead of global warming."

Chris Wilson: "It's so cold that Icy Hot would be just Icy."

Chris Wilson: "It's so cold you literally have a cold shoulder."

Jan Griffin Carter: "It is so cold that the smoke froze up in the chimney."

Talya Newton: "It is so cold after I got out of the shower, I looked like Jack Frost!"

Chris Wilson: "It is so cold that the Ohio River is now the Ohio Skating Rink."

Sharon Renee: "It's so cold the penguins are flying south!"

Linnea Karr: "It's so cold even my goosepimples have goosepimples..."

Heather Warman: "It's so cold that our snowman asked to come inside."

Amy Schmitt Creak: "It's so cold that letter carriers are watching out for both dogs AND polar bears."

Chris Wilson: "It's so cold that your coat needs a coat."

Amy Schmitt Creak: "It's so cold that even members of Congress couldn't get into a heated argument."

Suzan Wall: "It's so cold out that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer demanded a Snuggie."

April Meleski: "It's so cold that we had to cut the piano up for fire wood. We only got two chords."

Sharon Renee: "It's so cold that heartburn sounds like a nifty way to get warm!"

Sonia Scarlett: "It's so cold that my baby flipped into the breach position to get the blood flow back to his feet. Those toes were COLD! Thanks you mother nature!"

Suzan Wall: "It's so cold even the muggers called in sick!"

Joe Wimsatt: "It's so cold I seen penguins at Wal-Mart buying heaters!"

April Cardwell-Hoppel: "It's so cold the tree are chopping THEMSELVES into firewood."

Sharon Renee: "It's so cold, I think I saw a polar bear in a fir coat!"

Suzan Wall: "It's so cold out, the cops are tasering themselves."

Check back on this page throughout the day! We'll add more as our Facebook fans submit them!