Child Safety ID kit scam

Courtesy of WEVV.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB and WEVV) -- An Evansville mother said she requested a child safety ID kit by clicking on a Facebook link and got an unwelcome — and frightening — visit from a stranger.

Now, Wendy Rustin is warning parents to not click that link, because she said it’s likely a scam.

A child safety ID kit is supposed to help authorities find abducted children.

Rustin submitted some information online hoping to get some of these kits for her family. Instead, a strange man knocked on her door and said he was responding to the request, though a security camera shows that he carried no equipment except a cell phone.

Rustin’s roommate Teresa Saraswal told WEVV that the encounter put the roommates on high alert.

“We got a little sketched out because he just had the phone in his hand. No kits, no nothing,” Saraswal said.

Still, the women fear that the man may be trying to gain access to and misuse sensitive information.

“You hear a lot of horror stories nowadays about child trafficking … or they could have been trying to come in and case your home,” Saraswal said.

The roommate said the man also went to a friend’s home and actually made his way inside.

“She said she felt uneasy and told him she didn’t want the kits no more so he abruptly got up and left,” Saraswal said.

The women are warning people to not click the link circulating on social media — and they’re still trying to shake the fear from knowing the man knows where they live.

“Everybody needs to know to not click those random links on Facebook because it’s ... not safe,” Saraswal said.

You can request a child safety kit here.

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