LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Delta variant is spreading rapidly through Indiana as health officials remind people to get vaccinated. 

"Last week, we saw the highest number of first dose vaccinations since the end of May," Dr. Lindsay Weaver, the Chief Medical Officer for the Indiana State Department of Health, said. "And since the beginning of the month, the percentage of fully vaccinated individuals has increased among every age group. The biggest increase has been our 12 to 15 year old age group."

That increased from 15% to 21%. Indiana state health officials says every shot in the arm is a reason to celebrate.

The state is partnering with local festivals and schools to provide COVID shots and childhood vaccinations that have been missed.

The state's top doctor says the state is battling multiple variants with the main one being Delta. It was first identified in India and spreads twice as easily. Each infected person can infect 8 to 9 people.

Heath officials say the best defense is to get a COVID vaccine and mask up.

COVID outbreaks are still at some long-term care facilities, according to Indiana's COVID-19 dashboard, and 750 Hoosiers are currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

"I want to stress that breakthrough infections for vaccinated people are still very low and tend to be mild, but we are finding that they are more likely with the Delta variant than they are with any other strains we see," Weaver said. "No vaccine is 100%."

People wanting to get tested is on the rise at 13,000 per day. Health officials say 98% of COVID positive tests are from the unvaccinated.

As of Friday, 2.9 million Hoosiers had received the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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