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JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two Jeffersontown bakers are getting their chance in the spotlight on the Food Network's newest show. They're giving WDRB a sneak peak before their episode airs.

From life-size dogs to Blake Shelton's face, nothing is off limits for Melissa Butler, owner of Louisvillicious Cakes and Desserts.

"When somebody comes to us and wants a cake and they have this vision and we bring it to life, to see their reaction, it makes it all worthwhile," said Butler.

Bringing masterpieces to life, that's what makes the late nights and long hours worth it. "I love the challenge. Challenges keep me going," said Butler.

Her newest challenge wasn't something she ever thought she'd take on.

"I always said I never wanted to compete on one of those shows because I thought it would be stressful. But then I was given the opportunity and I'm like 'yes I'm going to do it'," she said.

The Jeffersontown baker is competing on "Winner Cake All," the Food Network's newest show.

"It's a 3D sculpted cake challenge. You have five hours to complete the cake," said Butler.

She took her right-hand woman, Taylor Varble, along for the ride. "I mean we've been together for four years, we can read each other's minds," said Butler.

The pair flew out to Los Angeles for the taping last October. Since then, they've had to keep most details secret. "It's gotten easier. It has gotten easier. At first it was really hard," said Butler.

While they can't say much, they gave us a little hint as to what viewers will see on their episode. "It was not at all what I expected. Completely different than what I expected, but it was awesome," said Varble.

First there was the program's host Giada de Laurentiis.

"She was a lot nicer than I expected her to be, just because she is such a big star, so yeah she is nice," said Varble.

The pair are used to baking in their standard kitchen, but on their episode everything happened in a tent.

"The outside elements were tricky," said Butler.

While they say they weren't stressed by the actual challenge, they call the cameras alone overwhelming.

"There were probably 20 cameras in the tent and probably more we didn't see. Each team had two camera on them at all times," said Butler.

But they hope that stress will pay off for their business.

"I'm hoping we get more sculpted cakes from this. More big cakes," said Butler.

Now back home in their Jeffersontown kitchen, they're anxiously waiting to see how it all turns out.

"We'll be curious to see how they edit us," said Butler. "We're really nice people, regardless of how they portray us."

They'll get a chance to see when the episode airs March 18.

Louisvillicious Cakes and Desserts is located at 9111 Galene Drive in Jeffersontown.

You can find them online here.

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