Josh Young refuses polygraph test in Dr. Phil conclusion

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Josh Young backed out of a polygraph test about the murder of his 14-year-old stepbrother on the conclusion of Dr. Phil's two-part series on one of Louisville's most twisted murder cases.

Josh Young and his cousin, Cassi Gouker, appeared on national television with two different versions of what happened the night 14-year old Trey Zwicker was savagely beaten to death.

"About 1:00, little Josh come up and was like, 'Cassi, wake up, wake up, wake up!' I'm like, 'leave me alone.' And then the second time little Josh said, 'I just killed Trey' and I'm thinking he's pranking. And the third time big Josh was with him and saying, 'you got to take him to get rid of this stuff.' That's when I got up and took little Josh to the dumpster. There was a bag of clothes and baseball bat," Cassi Gouker said.


"Josh, are you the real killer here?" Dr. Phil asked.

"No sir," Young replied.

The stage was set for a showdown.

"Just answer two simple questions: You're either involved in the murder, or you're not. Will you take that polygraph?," Dr. Phil asked.

"I will," Young said.

"Yes, I sure will," Cassi Gouker said.

Young shocked the show and backed out off-camera at the last minute.

"Tell me why," Dr. Phil said.

"I've taken two polygraphs in the past and I felt like another one wasn't needed," Young said.

"And the results were?" Dr. Phil asked.

"Inconclusive, I think," Young answered.

Dr. Phil says Young made a mistake by changing his mind after leaving the stage.

Three years, no answers for Zwicker's father.

"I was just blank. I couldn't think no more. I was enraged," Terry Zwicker said.

Cassi Gouker failed her polygraph.

"Wow, I can't believe this. I cannot believe this. Once again you get away with it, right?" Cassi Gouker said, directing her frustration to Young.

"Once again, you get called out for your lies," Young said.

Young's father, Josh Gouker, is serving a life prison sentence after he confessed to beating his stepson, Trey Zwicker, to death and setting up Young.

Gouker changed his story again Monday, saying he acted like a monster so his son could get away with murder.

"What's your reaction to this?" Dr. Phil asked the victim's father.

"Pretty simple: He's a murderer, she's a liar, my son is gone and nobody can tell me the truth of what happened," Terry Zwicker said.

"She participated, and that's murder," he added. "He's guilty, she's guilty, Trey's mom's guilty and Josh Gouker is guilty. They're all guilty. They all knew what happened down there."

"I haven't lied. I am innocent," Young said.

At the end of the show, Terry Zwicker says he may not have gotten his truth, but he did find peace.

"I can tell you that little boy is guilty as sin and he has to live with it. He has to live with it for the rest of his life," Terry Zwicker said.

"He will be imprisoned by his words."

Zwicker said, "I've actually felt a little sense of freedom from all this. When I got to LAX from leaving the show, I just took a knee and I cried. And when I got up I left it all in [Los Angeles] -- that was the final chapter for me."


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