Joshua Young arrested after foster family reported him missing

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police have arrested 17-year-old Joshua Young for fleeing and evading police, hours after he told WDRB News that he would not return home.

VIPER officers arrested Young about 6 p.m. Wednesday at Schiller and Kentucky Streets, metro police said. LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell says Young tried to run from officers as they approached him.

He was taken back into custody and was being held at the Jefferson County Youth Center. 

Last month a jury acquitted Young in the murder of his stepbrother, Trey Zwicker, in Louisville in 2011. Young had been attending Fern Creek High School. His foster family reported him missing after when he did not come home from classes on Aug. 30.

"We will continue to pray for his recovery and happiness," foster mother Susan Stoneburner said, after she learned of Young's arrest.

Earlier Wednesday, in a Facebook video chat with WDRB, Young could be seen smoking, and a friend was visible in the background.

Young also spoke with WDRB's Valerie Chinn on the phone several times Wednesday afternoon, but would not say where he was.

He did have this to say:  "I'm perfect. I have no problems. I've been everywhere in the city, Victory, Cecil, Portland."

Young told us he had no plans to return home and was happy to be on the run. He said the past few days he's been doing "construction work and hanging out with females."

When asked about the day his stepbrother Trey Zwicker was killed, Young gave few details. We asked if saw Trey's murder.

"No, but the case is closed you know," Young replied.

Young did not take the stand during his trial. When asked about that, he said, "I know I don't got to say nothing. That's why I didn't speak at the trial. If they're going to send me to prison, send me to prison fu**, you know? I ain't speaking."

Young's former defense attorney, Pete Schuler, believes the two years Young spent in a juvenile detention facility took its toll on Young.

Young said earlier, "They can't take me to jail; I didn't broke any laws, but they could take me to Home of the Innocents. Then, I'm going to run from there too. What do they expect?"

Police said they have lodged Young in the Jefferson County Youth Center, the secure juvenile facility where Young awaited his trial. 

Young also talked about gangs, video games and freeing Josh Gouker during the interview. Young's father, Joshua Gouker, was convicted of Zwicker's murder in a separate trial. Zwicker was Gouker's stepson.

Zwicker was found beaten to death behind Liberty High School in May of 2011. Gouker is currently serving a life sentence after admitting to the murder. Young was acquitted of complicity to murder and tampering with evidence charges last month.

Zwicker's father, Terry Zwicker, spoke Wednesday evening about Young's behavior.

"I told everybody so. It ain't even been how many weeks now we've been out of trial and he's showing off, granted I know that people say he was locked up for 2 years, he's acting out. No, everybody now is getting to see the true little boy who walked away from murder," says Terry Zwicker.

Terry Zwicker says Sept. 3 would have been Trey's 17th birthday.

"And the day after Trey's birthday, all this goes on and I thought it was all over for me," Terry Zwicker said.

He still believes Young was in on his son's murder, and was hoping for a quick arrest on Wednesday.

"But I would like to see him locked up on some other charge, and get just as much time because that's still justice in our favor."




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