LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky breweries want to be able to sell their own beer, yet right now, they legally have to go through a middle man.

The Kentucky Guild of Brewers hopes to pass legislation to change that, making contracts with distributors more fair to microbreweries. 

"This bill is going to enable us to take our own success into our hands and be responsible for our own ability to succeed," said Adam Watson, with the Kentucky Guild of Brewers and Against the Grain.

Breweries want to be able to sell and distribute a limited supply — only 2,500 barrels — on their own to retail accounts like bars and restaurants. Right now, 100% of their product has to go through a distributor.

"If a bar calls me and says, 'Hey, I forgot to put a keg of your IPA on my order form, and the distributor says they can't get out until Monday, but I got a bunch of people in here, your keg is almost empty, I really don't want to take your beer off tap, can you run me out one more keg?' Right now, I have to tell them, 'No, sorry,'" Watson said. "If they can't get to you until Monday, you're out of luck, buddy.

"So I'd rather be able to run out and say, 'Here's this one more keg. Go ahead and keep it on, then Monday, refresh your order with my distributor.'"

Watson said Indiana breweries can self-distribute 30,000 barrels. And in Ohio, it's 1 million barrels. 

The bill is expected to be filed when Kentucky lawmakers return to Frankfort in February.

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