LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky restaurants and businesses are preparing to open at full capacity now that restrictions have been lifted, but they ask that customers be patient as they make the transition. 

Louisville restaurants like Morning Fork on Frankfort Avenue are eager to welcome more guests inside but are cautioning customers that it's going to be a tough transition since it has been over a year since they were able to operate at full capacity. 

"It'll be a challenge," said Morning Fork owner and chef Geoffrey Heyde. "I think it'll be interesting. I think -- well, it'll be a transition period for everybody. We hope folks are patient and understanding that this is new for everybody, again. It's virtually like opening back up or opening for the first time again."

Morning Fork is in a unique situation -- it opened during the pandemic so it has never operated at 100 percent capacity, but Heyde says he's ready for the change. 

"These logistics have been a challenge," he said. "Trying to make things work for -- you know how much do I need to make for rent? How many seats do I need? Every seat is a dollar amount. And it's not a greed issue."

The mask mandate has also expired, meaning no one has to wear a face covering unless a business decides to keep that requirement. Heyde says he has no plans to require his customers to wear one. 

Despite the challenges of finding enough employees, Heyde is excited and confident in his staff as they make the move to serve more guests -- but he doesn't think they will immediately serve double what they have been. 

Heyde says his focus is on making sure each guest is properly taken care of, so he plans to make sure his employees aren't overwhelmed as they transition to full capacity. He's asking Kentucky residents to continue to have patience as they venture out to their favorite places. 

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