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Friendship Health & Rehab in Pewee Valley, Kentucky. 

PEWEE VALLEY, Ky. (WDRB) -- A lawsuit claims a "sexual predator" sexually harassed and assaulted some of of his fellow employees at an Oldham County nursing home. 

The lawsuit filed this week claims Richard Coleman sexually harassed and assaulted at least four female co-workers at Friendship Health & Rehab within the past two years. The women have filed a civil suit against Coleman and the company itself.

"What's most alarming about this situation is that there were several complaints and the management did nothing about it,” John Phillips said.

Phillips, of law firm Adams, Landenwich, and Walton, is the attorney representing the women in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit accuses Coleman of groping the women, grabbing their breasts, slapping their behinds and making inappropriate comments toward them at work. The suit also says Coleman sexually harassed and assaulted other employees and patients. In one case, Coleman allegedly made "comments about having sex with infants and the elderly."

"Nothing like that should ever be acceptable in a workplace or anywhere,” Phillips said.

Two of the women were just 17 years old when the alleged harassment and abuse started. One of the teens says Coleman blocked her from leaving a linen closet and quote "physically forced her to embrace him as he forcefully tried to kiss her."

"Some of these girls were in high school," Phillips said. "This was a part time job for them."

Three of the women no longer work at the facility. The lawsuit says, in some cases, they were fired or suspended after they came forward to report Coleman's behavior.

"Once the complaints were out there, they then retaliated against those who made the complaints,” Phillips said.

The company's attorney Joe Effinger sent WDRB a statement, saying, in part:

Coleman is facing criminal sex abuse charges for these events. He was indicted by a grand jury last month.

The attorney representing the women says Coleman was fired in August.

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