Local magician draws a million YouTube subscribers

CRESTWOOD, Ky. (WDRB) One local magician has become a YouTube sensation for revealing the secret behind some impressive tricks.

Always in shades and ready with a new trick, his videos make you feel like you have a friend in Evan Rosenman, also known as Evan Era.

His passion began as early as five years old. "First magic tricks that I ever learned came from my dad. He had a few little dinner table tricks that he would do when we were out at restaurants and that sparked my interest," Rosenman said.

Following that passion was a different story. "I could never really break through to that point where I felt like it was going to be an extremely lucrative career for me."

He found success in other jobs like creating tricks for other magicians.

"I found YouTube. I put up a how to magic video and it did like 100,000 views in like a couple weeks. I was like 'wow, this is definitely the market speaking to me here', this is definitely what I need to do."

From his home, he and a team shoot and produce all their own YouTube videos, providing a local magic shop, no matter where people are. 

"A lot of these kids, I see myself at seven and eight years old. I've always told my crew, I want to be the channel that I wish existed when I was a kid."

From a deck of cards, to cash and smart phone tricks, Rosenman said themed lessons grab the online search traffic from all over, playing a big part in his quick growth. Rosenman has racked up one million subscribers to his weekly videos and launched his own Laugh@Life brand

Some of his rituals have stuck. "Alright, here's how it's done, I'm about to reveal the secret. That's the little like mantra that I say before we reveal something in the videos."

Fan mail and feedback are constant. "It's overwhelming, in a good way."

Rosenman is living his dream. "Those effects will just be lost in the sands of time. So, I do get some flack from magicians who are upset that I'm revealing tricks, but at the same time, I think it's kind of my duty to pass on the knowledge to the younger generation.

He's dazzling fans and paying it forward to achieve that unique feeling of astonishment.

He hopes to eventually reach ten million subscribers. He and his team are going beyond magic, expanding to other topics like movie stunt secrets.

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