LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Getting enough naloxone quickly can save lives, and a Louisville company has a new product to do just that.

ZIMHI from US WorldMeds in Louisville comes in a small, one-dose device and works much like an EpiPen.

It's a quick way to immediately get naloxone into a person's system without putting the drug into their nose.

"We know that 50 percent are requiring more than one does of an internasal device, and so people aren't carrying multiple devices, and we know brain damage starts in 1-3 minutes -- by 10 minutes you can be dead -- and first responders won't arrive for seven minutes, so it's important to have this onboard to get them out of respiratory depression," said Lee Warren, Jr., the chief operating officer for US WorldMeds.

ZIMHI got FDA approval in 2021 and some police departments around the country now use it.

The Kentucky Department of Public Health handed out free samples at this year's Kentucky State Fair.

Doctors and pharmacists can provide more information about ZIMHI. 

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