LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville-area pastors gathered Wednesday to express their disdain for a sermon by a local pastor calling for a "curse" on opponents of President Donald Trump.

The Sunday sermon was delivered by Bob Rodgers, pastor of Evangel World Prayer Center off Billtown Road in Louisville.

"Father, those that have lied, those that have stolen this election, those that have cheated, I place the curse of God upon them," Rodgers said in the sermon.

Pastor Tim Findley of Kingdom Fellowship Church said  Rodger's message was dangerous in the current political climate.

"If there is no acknowledgement — no repentance — No. 1, that's the history of this country," Findley said. "So it won't be surprising. What I can say, what I'm willing to say, we will continue to do this. We'll continue to cry out ... we'll continue to speak out, and we'll continue as clergy to hold others accountable."

In a Zoom interview Monday night, WDRB News spoke to Rodgers, who is defending what he said, arguing that his prayer wasn't aimed at voters but at what he calls crooked politicians and traitors. 

"This is praying for a nation that Satan is trying to destroy," Rodgers said. "And Satan is using people, and God gives us great power and authority, and I'm using that power and authority in Jesus' name."

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