LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Friday marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine, and a Louisville company has stood by its Ukrainian employees every step of the way.

Slingshot, a Louisville-based technology company, has more than two dozen employees in Ukraine. Several have worked with the company for several years.

Artem Shynakernko is one of those employees. He is a department delivery manager for the Ukraine division.

"Right now we are in similar position like six months ago," Shynakernko said, describing the situation in Ukraine.

Shynakernko is in one of the most western parts of Ukraine, near Slovakia, and hopes to return to his home in Ukraine near the Poland border in a few months.

He said access to internet and electricity has improved, but it is still limited. 

"Quite disturbing view where, where you walk on the street and the half of the buildings, they are all dark, and only some businesses are open with electricity," Shynakernko said.

While it is a world full of uncertainty, the one thing that remains stable for Shynakernko is his job.

"I choose to work, that helps me a lot," he said.

In the past year, Slingshot has worked around its employees as they move to different parts of Ukraine, some to other countries.

"They're part of our team and we view them as part of our team," said David Galownia, president and CEO of Slingshot. "You know, we're gonna ride with them and until we can't, until it's physically not possible."

Slingshot has helped organize fundraisers for charities, hand-picked by its Ukrainian employees. 

"Our plan A is to stick with these guys," Galownia said.

Reminding people the war is still going on, and supporting Ukraine is a priority for Galownia and Shynakernko as Ukraine enters into another year of war.

"We are doing our best on our place, but we encourage everyone to support us," Shynakernko said.

Slingshot will launch its own fundraiser on Friday. The company will be selling t-shirts, with a design created by its Louisville and Ukrainian employees. Money raised will go to the charity chosen by its Ukrainian employees. The company will post a link to its sale on the company's social media.

For a list of Slingshot's recommended charities to donate to, click here. 

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