JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Hundreds of families in Jeffersonville are waiting to learn where their child will attend school next year, as the district prepares to change boundary lines for several elementary schools.

As part of millions of dollars in budget cuts at Greater Clark County Schools, Bridgepoint Elementary is set to shut down at the end of May.  

The school district sent parents a letter this week that Bridgepoint students will be split between three elementary schools next year: Franklin Square, Northaven, or Riverside elementary schools.

The district is set to reveal new school boundary lines at its board meeting on Tuesday.

Heather Gibson's son is devastated after the board's decision to close the school.

"These poor kids have gone though a year of a crazy pandemic, and now they have to go through another year of adjusting to whatever school they decide this week to send them to," she said.

Kristi Geary wonders where her son's teachers will go, and if he'll ever see them in-person again, as the second grader is currently learning through the virtual school. 

"He's in a speech class. Things like that are hard because you build a relationship with that teacher," said Geary. "It's been rough, just because we're not able to see a lot of people right now, and we were so looking forward to going back to a normal situation with that same group of people."

Bridgepoint is one of four school buildings in Jeffersonville that will have closed in recent years.

"It sends a bad message. Jeffersonville is doing a lot of build up between the businesses and the homes," said Geary. "If I didn't already live in Jeffersonville, I would not want to move to the city that keeps closing schools."

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