SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Sellersburg has its first town manager.

The town council selected Charlie Smith for the job. He was chosen out of more than 70 applicants. Leaders said the position is needed to assist with the management of the town and to promote the community's growth.

Smith said the first order of business is improving the water.

"Looking at how can we do that in a reasonable way and get it done and get it done right," Smith said. 

The town's aging water and sewer pipes are presenting big challenges. The town often uses Facebook to alert the community of boil water advisories.

"We want to get those (posts) down to zero. Obviously accidents are going to happen," Smith said. "But as far as failures in the infrastructure due to age, we want those to be a thing of the past."

Infrastructure is also big on his list.

"There are some roadways that need to be improved and potentially widened," Smith said. "Beautify those sidewalks, tree lines, streets, things of that nature," he said.

So if the town has never had a manager before, why now?

"Town councilmen, they're all elected. They all have full time jobs, it's a part time position. And they recognize that in order to really take the town in a good direction and to the next level, be competitive with its neighbors, they needed someone there," Smith said. 

The town does not have a mayor. Smith will serve in a role similar to that position, handling day to day business and attracting new developers and investors. But city council serves as the executive and legislative body.

So as the Sellersburg's newest cheerleader, Smith hopes to transform the community when he starts in mid February.

"We want to show everybody what we can do," Smith said. "Soon as you come in to town, it's some place that you just get your socks knocked off. And we can get there quickly I think."

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