Sherry Ballard on The Dr. Phil Show

Sherry Ballard appears on The Dr. Phil Show.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The cases of Crystal Rogers, the Bardstown mother who went missing in 2015, and the shooting death of her father more than a year later, is getting more national attention.

Rogers' mother and Ballard's husband, Sherry Ballard went on The Dr. Phil Show on Wednesday, vowing to never give up hope.

"I think me keeping this in the public eye and being on The Dr. Phil Show — it's going to reach a lot more audience," Ballard said.

Rogers went missing in July 2015. Kentucky State Police says it's investigating Tommy Ballard's shooting death in November 2016 as a murder, but it still technically call it a death investigation until an arrest is made.

"I'm doing this because I want to keep a bright light on over this story," Dr. Phil said. "I want to keep it on everybody's mind. Somebody knows something."

Ballard told Dr. Phil on Wednesday's episode that she believes the two cases are related. Candice Delong, a former FBI profiler, took a look at the cases and agrees.

"I think there is a reason he was shot and killed in the open field," Delong said. "The shooter was sending a message to you and to anyone else who is sticking their nose into the case of Crystal, to find out where she is. Fortunately for you, all of this publicity will help keep you safe.

"One is missing. The other is looking for the missing daughter, and he's murdered, and it is a murder, in my opinion. The odds of that not being connected are probably astronomical."

Delong added that it's clear to her Tommy Ballard's death was no accident.

"It was a pre-meditated murder, and whoever shot him was skilled at firearms," she said.

Two days after Rogers went missing, her car was found on the Bluegrass Parkway with a flat tire and her purse, keys and phone inside. 

"Her car was on the BG. Someone had to drop her car off. It didn't get there by itself," Ballard said. "If I reach maybe that one person who just saw her car there or someone riding down the road and remember it setting there ... It's a long-shot."

The Nelson County Sheriff's Office is still investigating Rogers' disappearance. Her boyfriend, Brooks Houck, was named the main suspect but has not been charged.

Now Ballard is hoping someone across the nation can help the case. 

"I'm going the best route I can to get it out there publicly to everyone," she said.

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