LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The sister of one of the teenagers killed in Delphi, Indiana, more than two years ago has had enough of the rumors surrounding the case.

According to a report by Fox 59, Kelsi German, the sister of Libby German, posted a live stream video on YouTube Tuesday night in an effort to defend her family and dispel some of the most common theories about the case.

Kelsi German, a student at Ball State, spent more than an hour and a half addressing different issues surrounding the case. Kelsi German addressed questions sent in before the livestream, saying her intention was not to criticize, but inform.

On Feb. 13, 2017, Libby German and Abby Williams disappeared after being dropped off near the Monon High Bridge. Their bodies were found a day later. Police released audio of the suspect along with a pair of sketches -- including one released earlier this year.

Police have received tens of thousands of tips about the case, which has garnered national attention. That attention, however, has spawned conspiracy theories and speculation about what happened and who is responsible. 

Kelsi German recounted the day Libby and Abby disappeared, which was a snow makeup day at school. Her grandmother called her multiple times to let her know that Libby was missing. She didn't go to work that day and instead went out to look for her. She and several family members searched for the pair, but police eventually called off the search.

Searchers found them the next day. On Feb. 15, police released a photo of the suspect along with audio.

"Since then, our family has ruthlessly been searching and trying to get justice as well as we can," she said. 

She said there have been several rumors about what happened that day, and she's hoping people will listen to her family instead of speculating about the case. 

Kelsi German said Libby's phone pinged off two different towers, leading some to believe that the phone had been moved. The pings happened, she explained, because the towers were close together. She said the phone never moved.

She also said no one refused a lie detector test, which she called a "big misconception" about the case. She said the family took lie detector tests and provided DNA when requested. She also said the family was pleased with the police and how they've handled the case. She's hoping for an arrest soon.

She got emotional when she discussed her grandfather, Mike Patty. Several people have speculated about her grandfather's involvement in the case. She described him as a caring and hardworking man who puts family above all else.

"There's absolutely no way my grandfather could do anything like that," she said.

She spoke about her father, who didn't raise her, saying he was a strong person whom she loves and is part of her family. He hasn't talked about the case, but Kelsi German said there was a good reason for that.

"He doesn't talk [about the case] because he knows that people will play a game of telephone with him. They will change our words, they twist our words all the time. He doesn't want you guys to do that, so he just doesn't speak," she said.

She said he shies away from attention and "couldn't hurt a fly."

Kelsi German dispelled a rumor that Libby German called her father around 2:30 p.m. and asked him to pick her up. She said phone records showed that wasn't true. Libby did call him before they left so he'd know to come pick them up.

"My family is so strong. I love my family so much," she said. "I don't think we could get through this without each other."

To watch the entire video, CLICK HERE.

The family is raising money for the Abby and Libby Memorial Park. If they can get $50,000 by Aug. 14, the Indiana Housing Development Community Authority will match it. They've raised more than $45,000 so far.

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