LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Scott County Courthouse is in such bad shape that some hearings are being rescheduled.

At first glance, the courthouse doesn't look too bad, but a closer look shows the roof above an old part of the building constructed in 1873 actually dips toward the center of the building. It's overweight and unstable.

County leaders were looking at putting on a new roof, but when they went up to inspect it, what they found was alarming.

"There's a big sway, big bow in the roof up there, and after stretching a string line up there, there's about a 10-inch dip," said Scott County District 1 Commissioner Randy Julian.

An engineering firm went inside and discovered the problem was eight layers of shingles above the original decking -- and more decking on top of that. Pictures show the load-bearing beams breaking from all that weight.

Julian posted pictures on his social media

"We're not gonna try to fix it and flip it and buy a new courthouse, so we're gonna take the proper steps and make sure, and that's why we called an engineering firm to make sure that we get everything fixed exactly the way it needs to be fixed," Julian explained.

Repairs are in the works, but it will take two to three weeks before they can start. In the meantime, the second floor that houses the Circuit Court and courthouse offices are closed for safety reasons.

"Ultimately nothing replaces the in-person courtroom experience, and we need to get back in that as soon as possible, but in an emergency we've found a way to keep moving forward," Julian said.

Some hearings are being rescheduled or held remotely until a temporary location is found. An announcement on a location could come soon. Until then, county leaders are posting hearing information on the Circuit Court of Scott County Indiana social media pages. Here's a link to get more information. 

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