Calipari at Auburn

Kentucky coach John Calipari calls for a substitution -- passionately -- during an 82-80 win at Auburn on Feb. 19.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Sitting on the baseline at the end of the Kentucky bench when the Wildcats played Auburn on Jan. 19 was an illuminating experience. It happens less and less these days, and with the Wildcats and Auburn playing a game that wound up coming down to the wire (an 82-80 UK win), there was more than enough to pay attention to on the court.

But I couldn't help turning my attention to the bench pretty often, noticing how UK coach John Calipari interacted with this group of players, his assistant coaches, the officials.

Below are some shots I took of those interactions. They tell a bit of a story of the UK sideline, though not the whole story.

I was struck by how much input assistant coach Kenny Payne had into everything, even suggesting a late timeout to set the defense.

With a young team, much of Calipari's time was spent instructing, and a bit with cajoling and pleading.

The gallery, with additional comments in the captions:

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