(FOX NEWS) -- Why eat your Thanksgiving dinner when you can wear it?

Fox News reports Arby's, a fast-food chain that often boasts of its "meat-having" capabilities, has recently rolled out its holiday merchandise, which includes a "Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow" just in time for Thanksgiving.

However, unlike the traditional pillows that we're all already familiar with, ever-innovative Arby's created a pillow that is more like a helmet than anything else.

The Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow, which premiered by way of an "infomercial-style ad," does indeed resemble a deep-fried turkey. However, instead of resting your head on the soft and golden brown bird, your face goes inside, so it acts as both a pillow and an eye mask.

"The delicious looking hat is designed so you can rest easy and comfortably after eating all the turkey (or Deep-Fried Turkey sandwiches) you want," Arby's said in a statement shared with Fox News.

The turkey hat coincides with the release of an Arby's limited-time Deep-Fried Turkey Sandwich, which is available at participating locations nationwide.

The pillow, though, is decidedly harder to get your hands on than the deep-fried turkey sandwich. According to Arby's, the item is currently sold out, but fans can still enter to win one, along with a 50% coupon for a turkey sandwich or wrap.

But wait, there's more! If you can't get your hands on a turkey pillow/helmet/hat from Arby's, and you still want to reenact that iconic Thanksgiving moment from "Friends" (you know the one), you can currently use the Arby's turkey filter on Snapchat or Instagram.

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