Ramen keith kaiser 1-29-19

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- WDRB's Keith Kaiser has gone in search of the perfect bowl of ramen.

As a new start-up, "Lady Tsuru", a Japanuse Ramen Craftswoman, hopes to bring savory and well-crafted bowls of Japanese ramen to Louisville.

She wants to prepare her dishes with traditional methods.

Louisville has "fusion" restaurants.

Lady Tsuru strives to perfect the "most basic and core" varieties of ramen.

Some of the main components of ramen are aroma oil, meat/veggie/dashi stock, noodles, tare (seasoning), and toppings.

The whole process can take 24 to 36 hours.

Respected chefs in Japan may take 60 hours for larger quantities.

One way to introduce Louisville to traditional ramen is a pop-up event as Flying Crane Ramen.

She has taken orders for 2 special ramen recipes and kimchi.

This way, she can get the right amount of ingredients and deliver on time.

The first ever "Louisville Gekisenku!" Ramen Pop-up happens at Choi's Asian Food Market.

She will make a batch of ramen and then people will pick up their orders on Saturday, Febraury 2nd.

The idea has been so popular, all of the orders have been filled.

Kasane Miso Ramen Bowl ($10) [SOLD OUT]

Shio Ramen Bowl ($10) [SOLD OUT]

Kasane Miso Ramen + Side Portion of Home-style Kimchi ($11.50) [SOLD OUT]

Shio Ramen + Side Portion of Home-style Kimchi ($11.50) [SOLD OUT]

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