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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The sport of disc golf has gained popularity in the past couple of years.

WDRB’s Keith Kaiser joined a champion disc golf player for some lessons.

Dave Greenwell is one of the founding partners of Prodigy Disc Inc. and has spent 42 years promoting the sport.

Dave is a 10 time World Champion in singles, 8 time doubles and 12 time skill shot champion

The rules are similar to golf but you shoot at a basket rather than a hole.

With just a few discs, you can get in a round of 18 in a couple of hours.

The Prodigy Disc Company started in 2012 in Woodstock, Georgia and has since moved the main facility to Dalton, Georgia with operations in Finland and China.

In 2018, Dave and a couple business partners spent three weeks in China teaching children of every age and PE teachers.

They also ran the first PDGA Sanctioned tournament in China.

 The main reason they started the company was to get players paid.

Prodigy sponsors more than 200 players worldwide.

They also wanted to make some sense out of the naming of discs.

Most discs have animal names that referred to what the disc is intended to do.

Prodigy’s naming system is a lot more like traditional golf.

The distance drivers are D1-7.

The D is for driver, the numbers indicate stability.

The D1 is the most over stable, the D7 is the least over stable (or most under stable).

Midranges start with M, followed by the numbers, fairway F, Putt & Approach is Pa.

It makes it easier to know what the disc can do.

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