Taco Bell Store Front Head On

Taco Bell Storefront (iStock via Fox News)

(FOX NEWS) -- Seems like every day there’s a new story about Taco Bell removing another favorite from the menu.

Fortunately, this is not that day! Instead, this is about Taco Bell fans reclaiming what was once theirs – the potato soft taco.

Bryant Hoban of O’Fallon, Missouri, heard about the discontinuation of the spicy potato soft taco from Taco Bell. However, instead of mourning like the rest of us, he thought ahead and purchased three of the specialty taco only to preserve them in his freezer and give them the (expensive) future they deserve.

Hoban listed the coveted soft tacos on the Facebook marketplace, asking a whopping $200 for the three “mint condition potato soft tacos from Taco Bell.” The three, reportedly, went straight from the drive-thru to the freezer, according to the posting.

“These babies are rare! Never been eaten!” the listing on Facebook concludes.

Hoban, who put the post up last month, was hopeful his business model of profiting off of old frozen food would take off so he can better grow his empire.

"I've had this idea of 'investment sandwiches' where, like, you'd buy a limited-offer sandwich in bulk, freeze it, and then sell it later for a profit," Hoban explained to Riverfront Times, noting he wants to move on to McDonald’s seasonal McRib.

Hoban did tell the outlet that the soft taco market is not as soft as the month-old post appears and that he was able to sell two individual tacos for “$70 apiece,” but not the full set at $200.

Though the trio of tacos had no bites, it seems to have worked out for the better as Hoban has reportedly decided to hold onto the last one to “preserve for future generations to experience this delicious thing.”

The delicious thing he’s referring to, of course, is the venerable spicy potato soft taco, which is essentially a soft tortilla filled with deep-fried potato bits, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese and a spicy sauce. A taco that also has many copycat recipes available online at this very moment.

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