LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Put your old pumpkins or jack-o'-lanterns to good use.

WDRB’s Keith Kaiser spent the morning talking composting with Louisville Compost Co-Op.

Turn pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns into stress-relief, worm food, and organic fertilizer. Food waste is a serious problem in many communities around the world. Composting food scraps that would otherwise be thrown away provides a valuable, nutrient rich supply for home and community gardens.

It is a process where aerobic micro-organisms (oxygen loving) break down organic matter such as left over fruits, vegetables, grass and leaves and turn those scraps into a nutrient rich soil called humus. You can compost leaves, grass, fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, small amounts of meat, unbleached paper, newspaper, untreated cardboard, breads, beer, and other plant derived scraps.

The USDA reported that in 2010, more than 130 billion pounds of food went to waste. By reducing the amount of waste that sits in landfills we can prevent noxious, smelly gas build up. In turn, creating a fertile, nutrient rich soil (compost) from waste.

You can drop off pumpkins and other organic materials on Sundays from noon to 2 p.m. at U of L’s composting site. It’s located at the north end of U of L's Grounds Lot on the 200 block of E. Bloom St. Just one block north of Cardinal Blvd. between Brook and Floyd Streets.

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