LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Children across Kentucky and Indiana are staying from school in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We've rounded up a list of activities for parents and kids to do together between those e-learning assignments.

  1.     Spend 30 mins each day learning a new topic
  2.     Bake something every day
  3.     Write a letter and/or email to a different friend or family member each day
  4.     Races of various kinds in the backyard (hopping on one foot, crabwalk, walking backwards, etc.)
  5.     Stop motion animation with playdough
  6.     FaceTime grandparents
  7.     Learn the parts of plants/flowers and how they function
  8.     Write a short story and illustrate it
  9.     Learn how to do simple book binding
  10.     Board games
  11.     Card games
  12.     Build a Lego masterpiece
  13.     Learn to sew
  14.     Make a scrapbook
  15.     Make tents and reading caves
  16.     Have a shadow show in the reading tent
  17.     Get binoculars and learn about the birds near your house, look them up on google and search for their birdcalls on YouTube
  18.     Learn how to make a stuffed animal
  19.     Play with cornstarch and water and cheap action figures
  20.     Family puzzles. Ones that are 500-1000 pieces and a challenging but not frustrating picture
  21.     Write a story cooperatively. One person picks a character and the other picks a setting
  22.     Any and all art is fun at home: Beading, painting, drawing, play dough or kinetic sand, sewing, etc.
  23.     Zumba or dance-along videos on YouTube
  24.     Draw self portraits on blank faces
  25.     Indoor or outdoor scavenger hunts
  26.     Learn to write computer code
  27.     Build a doll house
  28.     Give the dogs a bath and brush
  29.     Wash and clean the cars
  30.     Play with sidewalk chalk outside
  31.     Glow stick party
  32.     Movie marathon
  33.     Listen to kid podcasts
  34.     Declutter toys!
  35.     Have an Olympics with a bunch of competitions - funny ones, helpful ones like cleaning and really fun ones like minute to win in style.
  36.     Dig up all the activity books, presents, etc that never got played with, and use those!
  37.     Do a study on planets, then have kids create their own planets- how big is it, where in the universe is it located, atmosphere conditions, can it sustain life, how long is a day/year, name it, etc
  38.     Design a space craft from household items. Spend some time pretending you're on different planets with different gravity, you could seriously spend a whole week on just fun space activities.
  39.     Puzzle races: Put several puzzles (20+ piece puzzles) In a paper bag and shake it up. Pour pieces out and give each person the puzzle box they are to put together. Go!
  40.     Make ice cream
  41.     Make and play with play dough
  42.     Camp out in the backyard
  43.     Box Road - Flatten out a box and draw a road in marker. Add blocks, trucks and other toys for kids to build a city
  44.     Toy-Washing Bin - Let your kids wash their plastic toys. Add tear-free bubbles, sponges, towels and other supplies
  45.     Family dance party
  46.     Build a bridge or building with toothpicks or Q-tips.
  47.     Make a time capsule! One day your kids can use it to tell their kids all about this craziness
  48.     Make an indoor obstacle course
  49.     Play "I Spy" inside or out the window
  50.     Practice origami

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