LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A historic Catholic church in the west end of Louisville was vandalized Friday night — with a disturbing note left behind. 

Bob Frazier, the administrator, business and rental manager for Christ the King Church, was disheartened after discovering the vandalism.

"This type of incident of vandalism couldn't have happened at a worse time," Frazier said. "Nor should I be in any danger at any time."

Church vandalism is not new across the Bible Belt, but it is new for the church on South 44th Street. 

Frazier said the vandalism will cost thousands to repair, but the apparent personal vendetta has him worried.

"The language that was used — it was inscribed in one of our doors — disturbed, myself, personally, as the manager of the parish under the leadership of our pastor ... and he's concerned about my safety," Frazier said. 

The words 'F*** YOU,' were carved deep, piercing through the layers of matching brown paint the church's maintenance crew tried to cover with Saturday. 

At least four rooms were damaged. Inside those rooms and halls were a hammer and a brick allegedly used to break in from the basement.

There was also shards of glass scattered throughout the rooms and doorways, as well as residue from at least three used fire extinguishers.

"They shot Coca-Cola everywhere," Frazier said while walking through the shattered glass. 

Coincidently, Frazier said the incident comes after WDRB News' report about the connected dance studio's water being cut off despite it never receiving a bill. 

There was confusion between the church, the dance studio and the water company about who was responsible for the bill.

The water has since been turned back on.

“We don't know if this has anything to do with that at all," Frazier said, "but it's unfortunate and it's strange that this took place 48 hours after we had been going through all this; and at the same time the Louisville Water Company is still doing an investigation as to what happened with that."

Despite the crime, Frazier said the church is looking forward to its centennial in 2028.

"It's an historic church for the legacy as its transition during the times of segregation integration in this particular area of west Louisville," he said. 

Though Frazier said this situation is "just ungodly," church services will proceed Sunday, as Louisville Metro Police investigate who might have done this.

Whatever the person responsible was trying to accomplish, Frazier said it did not work. He hopes the suspect finds the right path while seeking forgiveness.

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